Facial Trauma Reconstruction By Dr. Bird on December 21, 2012

Facial Trauma ReconstructionOur team of oral surgery experts have assisted many people over the years. There are some sorts of injuries and services that go beyond the scope of a traditional Cocoa oral surgeon, however. We're specifically speaking about advanced facial reconstruction surgery. These are essential services for people who have experienced major trauma to the face, whether the skin and soft tissues or the bone structure. We'd like to take a few minutes right now to look into some of the basics of facial reconstruction surgery so that you understand what is involved.

What is facial trauma reconstruction?

Facial trauma reconstruction refers to various kinds of surgeries that are performed following major injury to a person's face. These surgeries can be used for various kinds of injuries, such as broken bones in the craniofacial area, major facial lacerations, and burns to the face.

Why Facial Trauma Reconstruction is Necessary

Many people feel that undergoing facial trauma reconstruction is a major part of their healing and recovery process. By undergoing the surgery, they will be able to look more like they did prior to the facial injury. This psychological aspect to recovery should never be discounted. Advances in technology have actually led to better results with facial reconstruction than in the past, allowing for reduced scarring and less noticeable results in the process.

Ideal Candidates for Facial Trauma Reconstruction

The best candidates for facial trauma reconstruction are people who have experienced serious injuries to the face that have resulted in some kind of disfigurement of the skin, soft tissues, and/or bone structure. These patients should be in otherwise good health and not suffer from any significant health problems that could make surgeries risky. It's imperative that serious injuries be addressed first prior to any consideration of facial reconstruction.

A Word on the Reconstruction Process

Each patient's needs are unique, and surgeons will always go to great lengths to describe the surgical process in detail to each patient. In general, injuries to the underlying craniofacial structures may be addressed through bone grafts that will replace or augment bone tissue. As for lacerations and burns, skin grafting and the use of donor tissues tend to be the most effective option.

Surgeons will stress that patients need to have realistic expectations about the facial reconstruction process. While the surgery is effective, there is scarring involved, though your facial surgeon will work to ensure that the scars are as undetectable as possible. Multiple surgeries may be required for a full reconstruction to be achieved.

Other Concerns to Consider

These larger concerns about facial trauma and reconstructive surgery should not undermine the important services we perform for wisdom tooth extraction and placing Cocoa dental implants. We encourage you to speak with us about any of your oral surgery needs should you ever have a question.

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For more information about various dental health and oral health needs, be sure to contact our Cocoa and Melbourne oral surgery centers today. Our entire team looks forward to discussing various matters with you in greater detail.

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