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Nitrous Oxide and IV Sedation

Have you put off an important oral surgery, such as wisdom tooth removal, because you're scared of pain? You're not alone.

Nitrous oxide and IV sedation can make your oral surgery a virtually painless experience. 

Drs. Gerald W. Bird and Jay A. Johnson offer sedation options to patients of Cocoa, FL, and have several decades of oral surgery experience.

What Is IV Sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation involves administering a sedative medication through an IV directly into the patient's bloodstream. Compared to nitrous oxide or oral sedation pills, IV sedation allows the patient to reach a deeper state of relaxation. Since our dentists are oral surgeons, the dental procedures in our Cocoa, FL, office are extensive, surgical treatments that are sometimes lengthy. IV sedation is ideal for these procedures because of the strength and effectiveness of the medication.

Take a Look at an IV Drip

IV sedation
Patients at our Cocoa, FL, office can achieve a deep state of relaxation with IV sedation.

A Virtually Painless Oral Surgery is Possible Schedule an Appointment Today

Oral surgery can feel daunting. Experiencing anxiety before surgery is common, but sedation methods can provide relief. Under sedation, anxiety fades away, and conscious relaxation is achieved. Schedule an appointment in our Cocoa, FL, office to see how dental procedures can be virtually painless under sedation. Call to schedule an appointment at:

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Dr. Bird and Dr. Johnson
Drs. Gerald W. Bird and Jay A. Johnson

"I feel confident in booking the procedure with him." 5-Star Reviews from Happy Patients


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They fit me in when no one else could and took great care of me Thank you thank you thank you!!!! My follow up visit to get the stitches removed was super fast and painless. Thanks again

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Marisa Flint


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Front office staff is very professional and after the consultation with Dr. Johnson, I feel confident in booking the procedure with him.

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Sedation Vs. General Anesthesia

The difference between sedation and anesthesia comes down to levels of consciousness. With anesthesia, the patient is unconscious throughout the treatment. Patients undergoing sedation will consciously respond to the dentist but won't be aware of or remember the procedure.

The Process of IV Sedation

Sedation allows patients to enter into oral surgeries confidently, knowing that the process will be virtually painless. 
Sedation allows patients to enter into oral surgeries confidently, knowing that the process will be virtually painless. 

Preparing With a Consultation

If you are interested in undergoing IV sedation, a separate consultation is needed to review your medical history. Based on several patient factors, this will let our doctors know how much of the sedative to administer.

Administering the Sedative

With IV sedation, a sedative medication is administered through a vein in your hand or arm. Once the medication has been administered, you will experience a deep feeling of relaxation, but you will still be able to understand and respond to instructions from your doctor.

Monitoring the Patient's Condition

Our doctors will carefully monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and breathing throughout your treatment and adjust the sedative as necessary to ensure your safety. According to a seven-year study published in the Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, less than 3% of patients experience complications with this method.

Taking Aftercare Steps

Patients need to have a friend, spouse, or other family member drive them home and care for them following oral surgery with IV sedation. After the surgery, the patient will not remember most or any memories of treatment and will be in a groggy state that doesn't allow them to drive themselves home.

The Cost of Sedation

If your dentist prescribes dental surgery, it isn't a suggestion. Quick treatment can help prevent more significant dental problems in the future. Sedation allows patients to enter into oral surgeries confidently, knowing that the process will be virtually painless. Sedation options are worth the price for most patients because of their effectiveness. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide costs, on average, $80 to $150 for the first hour. Nitrous oxide sedation is less expensive than IV sedation but only recommended for simple dental surgeries.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation costs, on average, $500 to $1,000 an hour. It's more expensive than nitrous oxide, but our dentists highly recommend the sedative for extensive and lengthy dental surgeries. 

Insurance Coverage

While we are not a contracted provider with most insurance carriers, many insurance carriers make payments to our office. 


Our office accepts CareCredit® financing. For those without insurance, CareCredit financing is a great way to break the cost of the sedation option you choose into monthly payments.

"quick and painless" 5-Star Reviews from Happy Patients


John Pattillo


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Excellent service. By far the best tooth extraction I have ever had. Barely any bleeding and only pain for around 2 hours.

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Kelly Gazaway


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I had an extraction done and it was quick and painless. Highly recommend!

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Dr. Gerald Bird and Dr. Jay Johnson

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Dr. Gerald Bird and Dr. Jay Johnson have several decades' worth of experience and are affiliated with prestigious organizations, including the:

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